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This page contains statistics related to prices and volumes of properties in Dubai. Specially segregated for off-plan and ready properties. This information covers all areas of Dubai and crunches around 70,000 records in real-time to bring you up to date statistics for:

  • Offplan Vs. Ready Properties Sales Volume
  • Offplan V.s. Ready Property Transactions Values
  • Offplan V.s. Ready Property Price per Sq.ft.

Disclaimer :

  • Offplan property prices include the commission of the agents and developer discount offers (ex. DLD fee waiver, Post Handover Payment Plans, & Service Charges Waiver)

In case you find this information useful and desire to know more before investing in Offplan or ready property in Dubai, check out our Property rental index . 

Offplan vs Ready Property Sales Volume

Offplan vs Ready Property Transactions Value

Offplan vs Ready Property Price per Sq.ft

Ready vs off plan transactions 2019