Arabian Ranches 1 Property Prices 2021 in Dubai

How to search recent property sales data - Dubai - Arabian Ranches 1

1. Make sure to search by the official name of the area or the project as per the title deed.
2. You can get insights into the prices of any apartment projects. For now, you cannot search by project name of villas, townhouses, and plots projects. Instead, you need to search by the official name of the area. However, we are working to enhance this aspect.
3. Please note that many villa and townhouse transactions have been registered as plots in the Dubai Land Department which explains the outliers for underpriced properties.
4. Some hotel apartment transactions are recorded as Commercial. However, when we notice that, we convert all transactions type into Apartments, e.g., Bay's Edge tower in Business Bay.
5. Some cash to cash transactions has intentionally been registered at a lower price in order to reduce the value of the 4% registration fees. Likewise, some mortgage transactions have been registered at a higher value in order to secure a higher loan to value ratio.
6. Property prices in the same project may vary based on the size, view, floor level, layout, condition, and upgrades.
7. We believe that the gathered data is the most accurate and up to date information about the property market prices. However, we are not responsible for any decisions you make based on this data.
8. Mortgage transactions are usually registered based on the loan value instead of the property value.
9. The number of bedrooms is roughly surmised by us since the Dubai Land Department does not provide it.


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Expected format: DD-MON-YYYY

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Mortgage transactions might be registered based on the loan value; hence, this chart does not consider the mortgage transactions.