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Dubai real estate - Property price index

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Real estate prices are subject to fluctuations and are regulated by several internal and external factors. A smart buyer or investor is defined by his/her keen insight into these price trends that influence purchasing behaviour and investments.

This report depicts changes in Dubai property prices from 2012 till recently across various areas.

Sell, Purchase and Invest in Dubai’s properties with real data, real knowledge.

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Dubai property price change (per Sqft) -YTD

Dubai property sales volume -YTD

Dubai property sales value -YTD

Property price change per area (per Sqft) -YTD

AreaPrice per Sqft 2020Price per Sqft 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth271.12905.99 234.2%
Al Khairan First1,499.901,341.63 -10.6%
Al Wasl2,947.711,529.56 -48.1%
Wadi Al Safa 6405.74480.38 18.4%
Business Bay1,443.791,208.10 -16.3%
Marsa Dubai1,595.801,335.08 -16.3%
Palm Jumeirah2,288.791,474.58 -35.6%
Burj Khalifa1,754.751,525.11 -13.1%
Abu Hail477.92420.87 -11.9%
Al Aweer First13.038.42 -35.4%
Al Bada2,973.421,053.30 -64.6%
Al Baraha1,053.302,007.21 90.6%
Al Barsha Second508.79255.17 -49.8%
Al Barsha South Fifth645.58541.93 -16.1%
Al Barsha Third905.99233.33 -74.2%

Property average price change per area -YTD

AreaAverage Price 2020Average Price 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth257,658627,000 143.3%
Al Khairan First1,461,3881,623,944 11.1%
Al Wasl733,8881,841,500 150.9%
Wadi Al Safa 62,787,5002,700,000 -3.1%
Business Bay1,229,3501,141,900 -7.1%
Marsa Dubai1,495,0001,500,000 .3%
Palm Jumeirah1,423,3302,000,000 40.5%
Burj Khalifa1,900,0002,072,000 9.1%
Abu Hail920,0001,000,000 8.7%
Al Aweer First3,363,724130,000 -96.1%
Al Bada8,500,0003,125,000 -63.2%
Al Baraha3,125,0005,550,000 77.6%
Al Barsha Second6,200,0003,827,500 -38.3%
Al Barsha South Fifth732,5001,100,000 50.2%
Al Barsha Third627,0003,500,000 458.2%

Property transactions volume per area -YTD

AreaVolume 2020Volume 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth225223 -.9%
Al Khairan First1066 560%
Al Wasl818 125%
Wadi Al Safa 62714 -48.1%
Business Bay253174 -31.2%
Marsa Dubai300245 -18.3%
Palm Jumeirah11957 -52.1%
Burj Khalifa119133 11.8%
Abu Hail31 -66.7%
Al Aweer First11 0%
Al Bada22 0%
Al Baraha12 100%
Al Barsha Second42 -50%
Al Barsha South Fifth1938 100%
Al Barsha Third1225 22400%

Dubai property transactions summary 2021 -YTD

Al Barsha South Fourth 3,127M3,722
Al Khairan First 3,159M1,133
Al Wasl 689M310
Burj Khalifa 9,410M2,618
Business Bay 7,809M5,170
Marsa Dubai 16,765M6,161
Palm Jumeirah 14,396M2,014
Wadi Al Safa 6 1,794M454
Abu Hail 17M14
Al Aweer First 13M7
Al Aweer Second 9M6
Al Bada 119M22
Al Baraha 83M11
Al Barsha First 197M12
Al Barsha Second 113M21