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Dubai real estate - Property price index

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This page provides insights into the Dubai real estate market. It is the ultimate guide for Dubai real estate investment since it shows the trends in all Dubai areas and processes around 700,000 records in Oracle database to provide:

  • Property prices change.
  • Property sales value.
  • Property sales volume.
  • Property price change in all Dubai areas 2021 V.s 2020.
  • It covers the off plan and ready property trends.

Please, keep in mind that the ready properties prices and sales volumes represent more significant metrics because of the off-plan property prices includes the commission of the agents and great offers i.e., post-handover payment plan, Dubai Land Department registration fees waiver, and service charges waiver.

In case you are interested to learn about all aspects of Dubai property supply e.g, current construction progress of all projects, property delivery rate, future property supply, and property handover and launch over years, then visit our Dubai property supply page here.

Data source: Dubai Land Department website 

Dubai property price change (per Sqft) -YTD

Dubai property sales volume -YTD

Dubai property sales value -YTD

Property price change per area (per Sqft) -YTD

AreaPrice per Sqft 2020Price per Sqft 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth891.29794.98 -10.8%
Al Khairan First1,529.281,508.20 -1.4%
Al Wasl1,657.861,591.11 -4%
Wadi Al Safa 6448.78549.42 22.4%
Business Bay1,525.841,227.98 -19.5%
Marsa Dubai1,791.351,600.27 -10.7%
Palm Jumeirah1,497.151,625.87 8.6%
Burj Khalifa1,926.631,789.54 -7.1%
Abu Hail416.20420.87 1.1%
Al Aweer First9.428.42 -10.6%
Al Aweer Second8.420.99 -88.3%
Al Bada700.00558.59 -20.2%
Al Baraha2,620.392,007.21 -23.4%
Al Barsha First1,300.001,318.75 1.4%
Al Barsha Second366.67266.67 -27.3%

Property average price change per area -YTD

AreaAverage Price 2020Average Price 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth503,339595,000 18.2%
Al Khairan First1,474,8881,700,000 15.3%
Al Wasl1,571,0001,900,000 20.9%
Wadi Al Safa 63,100,0003,370,000 8.7%
Business Bay1,199,0001,153,905 -3.8%
Marsa Dubai1,695,0001,836,125 8.3%
Palm Jumeirah1,380,4571,954,798 41.6%
Burj Khalifa2,100,0002,083,212 -.8%
Abu Hail935,0001,000,000 7%
Al Aweer First2,931,862866,666 -70.4%
Al Aweer Second866,666434,860 -49.8%
Al Bada3,000,0003,300,000 10%
Al Baraha5,004,8105,550,000 10.9%
Al Barsha First1,369,50120,325,595 1384.2%
Al Barsha Second5,400,0004,000,000 -25.9%

Property transactions volume per area -YTD

AreaVolume 2020Volume 2021Change
Al Barsha South Fourth1,4861,004 -32.4%
Al Khairan First131544 315.3%
Al Wasl8564 -24.7%
Wadi Al Safa 620081 -59.5%
Business Bay1,5481,168 -24.5%
Marsa Dubai2,2151,471 -33.6%
Palm Jumeirah930415 -55.4%
Burj Khalifa876897 2.4%
Abu Hail76 -14.3%
Al Aweer First32 -33.3%
Al Aweer Second23 50%
Al Bada137 -46.2%
Al Baraha71 -85.7%
Al Barsha First24 100%
Al Barsha Second97 -22.2%

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Dubai property transactions summary 2021 -YTD

Al Barsha South Fourth 1,262M1,486
Al Khairan First 275M131
Al Wasl 203M85
Burj Khalifa 2,948M876
Business Bay 2,116M1,548
Marsa Dubai 5,323M2,215
Palm Jumeirah 5,408M930
Wadi Al Safa 6 694M200
Abu Hail 6M7
Al Aweer First 3M3
Al Aweer Second 1M2
Al Bada 49M13
Al Baraha 47M7
Al Barsha First 41M2
Al Barsha Second 46M9