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IXORA Homes in Al Barari
IXORA Homes by Al Barari Development Company Llc
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IXORA Homes - Al Barari Dubai
IXORA Homes - Al Barari
IXORA Homes - Al Barari
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Inspired by Ixora, who represents the dawn and is the giver of light. These houses were designed with large glazing, making them light-filled for the residents.

Al bararis name is also symbolic of a new dawn. We are providing access to the magical al barari lifestyle to a new generation of people. Ixora is also the name of a beautiful shrub that will be used in these homes landscaping.

In a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, the collection of 82 exquisite 4 bedroom homes provides distinctive green living with inspired architecture and captivating views.

A distinctive and original character is established by a series of vertical concrete frames that split the facade into parts of rhythmic dimension. The rhythm of the openings, as well as the shading scheme, generate noteworthy qualities that give each house a unique personality based on the users experience. The double-height entrance foyer, which serves as a transitional zone between the exterior and the interior, leads to the main living areas entire openness. Large glass surfaces, unlike most regular homes, allow light to flood the double-height area and fully open up to a backyard garden.

The houses atrium-like area is created by the sculptural staircase with a continuous void, where all floors interact and have visual links.

IXORA Homes - Al Barari Dubai.
IXORA Homes - Al Barari Dubai.
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