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Defect Liability Period Management Services

DLP management for common areas and internal units.
Maintain a DLP register for all warranties guarantees in place as supplied by the Project Management Team.
Maintain a register of the Defects at Completion in a DLP register.
Be the focal point of contact to receive complaints in regards to DLP Management from Facility Management, Property OA Manager & End Users
Assess, if the complaint actually falls under the ambit of DLP or maintenance.
Notify the project contractor of the defects and the timeframe for rectification. The notification and timeframe for resolution will be recorded in the DLP register.
Responsible for liaising with contractors, to ensure timely action and closure of customer complaints.
On notification by the Project Contractor that the defect has been corrected, record the same in the DLP register and get customer sign off.
In the scenario of contractor deeming the DLP null and void due to breach of maintenance conditions, and subsequent confirmation based on evidence from the contractor, record the same in DLP register and close the complaint.
Maintain a register of all handover documents i.e. consultant de-snagging report, commissioning sheets, authority certificates, and asset registers, O&M manuals, as-built drawings and any drawings.
Maintain a register of all keys received for units & common areas.
Maintain a register for all common area defects and timely update of all defects to Project Management and Project Contractor to ensure timely action.
Attend progress meetings with Contractor/Consultant and Project Management team to provide updates on pending defects.