Dubai villas prices, 2024.

Examine Dubai's 2024 villa prices compared to earlier time periods. Discover market trends with our real-time data to help you make your next move. Our main goal is to provide as much market information as possible, to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to progress with your home buying and investments.

Dubai property market
(year to date) 2024 vs. 2023.

Best areas to buy villas in Dubai

AreaSold villasAverage price
Mudon559AED 2.9M
Dubai South501AED 3.4M
Villanova251AED 2.5M
Emirates Living231AED 3.9M
Al Yufrah 1220AED 2.2M
Dubai Hills208AED 10.9M
Tilal Al Ghaf199AED 4.4M
Wadi Al Safa 7181AED 929.7K
Jabal Ali First179AED 3.7M
Wadi Al Safa 5156AED 2.8M