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  • The Real Cost of Owning a Property in Dubai


    Property buyers must factor fees that are not included in the net selling price when purchasing property in Dubai.  The Dubai Land Department(DLD) has several costs that must be paid to purchase property in Dubai. Listed are government costs for buying a property.

    •The Dubai Land Department charges 4% of the sales price as transfer fees plus a knowledge fee of AED 430 for a plot, AED 40 for off plan property and AED 580 for apartments and offices.

    •The DLD requires a Mortgage Registration Fee of 0.25% of the loan amount including AED 290.

    •A Registration Trustee Appointment fee must be paid in cash and cost AED 4,000 through title deed and 5,000 through off plan.

    •Property developers in Dubai charge a No Objection Certificate fee(NOC). The NOC fee ranges from AED 500-5000 depending on the property developer. Developers might handover a property 5% smaller than the listed size. For example, a property listed at 1,000 sq.ft will be 950 sq.ft upon delivery. Property developers charge a cash guarantee deposit of 10% of the selling price.

    •The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA) charges AED 2,130 for apartments and AED 4,130 for villas.

    •Empower fee for an office is AED 4,000 plus quarterly advanced demand charges of roughly AED 500-700. Apartments empower fee is AED 2,000 plus quarterly advanced demand charges. Purchasing a villa does not require paying a empower fee because it is included in the DEWA.


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