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Customer reviews

Himanshu - via Google

Hi everyone! i recently had the pleasure of working with Vladimir from fam in Dubai, and i can't say enough good things about him. I was searching for a new apartment for me and my daughter, and he was so patient and understanding throughout the entire process. Vladimir really listened to what we needed and showed us places that perfectly matched our criteria. He's a true professional and a genuinely nice person!

Juan León Martínez - via Google

hey there! just wanted to give a shoutout to Vladimir from fam in Dubai! My husband and I were looking for a new place, and he made the whole process so much easier. He's super knowledgeable and really knows his stuff. Vladimir took the time to understand exactly what we wanted and showed us some amazing options. we felt like we were in great hands with him. Totally recommend!

Ripdeep - via Google

I just wanted to share a quick note about Vladimir at FAM Real Estate in Dubai. As someone who's always dreamed of moving to Dubai, finding the right consultant was crucial for me. Vladimir has been an exceptional guide, showing a deep understanding of the nuances of Dubai's diverse neighborhoods. His recommendations have been spot on, helping me envision a future home that aligns with my aspirations. His approach is very personal, which makes the whole experience less daunting.

Alan Queekly - via Google

Vladimir gave us an excellent real estate consultation in Dubai. Thanks to him!

Rukhsar Gopang - via Google

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Vladimir from FAM in Dubai, and I can't say enough about how helpful he was during our search for the perfect apartment. He's not just knowledgeable about the Dubai property market, but he also understands the importance of finding a place that fits one's lifestyle and personal taste. His patience and attentiveness made us feel truly supported throughout our exploratory journey.

kirill bogovich - via Google

We are glad that we have contacted Vladimir for advice on real estate in Dubai. We received a lot of useful information from him. Thanks!

sabreen shqair - via Google

Recently, I reached out to Vladimir at FAM while looking for a new place in Dubai as a surprise for my daughter. His warm approach and deep market insights instantly made us feel at ease. He's got this uncanny ability to pick out exactly what matters to you. We haven't finalized anything yet, but thanks to him, we're closer than ever to finding that dream home. What stands out most is his genuine care for our needs and his relentless dedication.

Abdelrahman Adel - via Google

Turned to a realtor for help in finding accommodation. Vladimir is our agent, he told us a lot of interesting things about real estate in Dubai and helped us make a choice based on our preferences. I recommend him!

Алина Ветрова - via Google

Turned to a realtor for help in finding accommodation. Vladimir is our agent, he told us a lot of interesting things about real estate in Dubai and helped us make a choice based on our preferences. I recommend him!

Анастасия Колошмай - via Google

(Translated by Google) I would like to express my deep gratitude to Vladimir for his amazing help in choosing an apartment in Dubai. He organized a review of several excellent options, each of which was carefully selected taking into account my wishes and needs. Vladimir provided comprehensive information about each apartment, including details about the area, infrastructure and possible investment prospects. He was always in touch, promptly answered my questions and helped me understand the nuances of the Dubai real estate market. Thanks to his professionalism, attentiveness and sincere desire to help, I was able to find the ideal apartment that fully met my expectations. I am very pleased with the result and would confidently recommend Vladimir to anyone looking for property in Dubai. His experience and client-oriented approach make the process of searching for real estate easy and enjoyable. Thank you, Vladimir! (Original) Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Владимиру за его потрясающую помощь в выборе квартиры в Дубае. Он организовал просмотр нескольких отличных вариантов, каждый из которых тщательно подбирался с учётом моих пожеланий и потребностей. Владимир предоставил исчерпывающую информацию о каждой квартире, включая подробности о районе, инфраструктуре и возможных инвестиционных перспективах. Он всегда был на связи, оперативно отвечал на мои вопросы и помогал разобраться в нюансах рынка недвижимости Дубая. Благодаря его профессионализму, внимательности и искреннему желанию помочь, я смог найти идеальную квартиру, которая полностью соответствует моим ожиданиям. Я очень доволен результатом и с уверенностью рекомендую Владимира всем, кто ищет недвижимость в Дубае. Его опыт и клиент-ориентированный подход делают процесс поиска недвижимости легким и приятным. Спасибо, Владимир!

лёна Губенко - via Google

I want to give a huge thanks to Vladimir! When I was looking for an apartment in Dubai, he was incredibly helpful. Vladimir not only arranged several great options but also provided lots of useful info about the apartments and the area. He was always available and patiently answered all my questions. I'm really happy and can only highly recommend Vladimir. Thanks, Vladimir!

Денис Котов - via Google

(Translated by Google) I would like to thank Vladimir for his prompt and high-quality work. He responded very quickly to my requests and found answers and selected the right options. If you want to buy a home in Dubai, contact him, he will very accurately select options specifically for your request and give his recommendations openly and honestly. Thanks again! (Original) Хочу поблагодарить Владимира за оперативную и качественную работу. Он очень быстро отвечал на мои запросы и находил ответы, подбирал нужные варианты. Если Вы хотите купить жильё в Дубае - обращайтесь к нему, он очень точно подберет варианты конкретно по Вашему запросу и даст свои рекомендации открыто и честно. Ещё раз спасибо!

Annita Safar - via Google

I must say, Vladimir has been absolutely splendid in assisting me with my quest for an investment property in Dubai. I am meticulous in my selection process, and Vladimir has exceeded my expectations at every turn. His knowledge of the Dubai real estate market is truly impressive. He guided me through the intricacies of investment opportunities, ensuring I understood all the nuances involved. Furthermore, his professionalism and attention to detail have been exemplary. Vladimir has been incredibly patient and attentive to my requirements. He took the time to thoroughly understand my investment goals and preferences, presenting me with a curated selection of properties that align perfectly with my objectives.

Lirim Rich - via Google

As a young guy from Vietnam, my dream of moving to Dubai has gotten closer thanks to Vladimir. He was very patients and attentive to my preferences, help me to understand which areas are best for my needs, and showed me several apartments that sparked my big interests. I also appreciated his understanding of my financial capabilities and helping in search options that match my budget. Thanks to his recommendations, I feel like I am making an informed choice.

Nimia Odair - via Google

Vladimir from your team has been instrumental in assisting me in understanding the type of home I wish to purchase for myself and my children. I found his guidance particularly helpful and easy to comprehend. His patience and attentiveness to my needs were greatly appreciated throughout the process. I am grateful for his professionalism and dedication!

Jaimee Ha - via Google

My husband and I are very pleased with the work of our realtor Vladimir in the process of searching for an apartment in Dubai. His professionalism and attentive attitude to our needs immediately made a good impression on us. He conducted a detailed interview with us to fully understand our preferences and requirements for future housing. Thanks to his experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Dubai, we received valuable advice on choosing an apartment. He turned out to be very proactive in finding suitable options for us. We received information about several properties that met our criteria, and he organized viewings for us. His reports after the viewings were very helpful and informative, which helped us better understand each of the options. We also appreciate his honesty and transparency in communication. He was always ready to answer our questions and explain any nuances related to the process of purchasing property in this region.

Maksim Nekhoroshkov - via Google

Fam Properties is amazing company, people which can always give u at any time information related to apartments in UAE 🇦🇪. Mr Vladimir as a broker is always in touch with his clients at any time which is make u sure that u will be receiving update all the time, and most important the correct update as per the market. Very recommended this company is u wish get a property in Dubai

Harry Brown - via Google

It was a pleasure to work with the agent Vladimir from Palm office. Amazing level of professionalism and personal care. Planning to come to Dubai and can't wait to meet in person!

Денис Котов - via Google

Even though I did not bought an apartment from this company yet, I want to highlight the quality of work of the personal! I am looking for apartment on Palm with one of the agents, Vladimir and I'm planning to come there in a couple of weeks. The agency's extensive knowledge of the Dubai market is impresive, they have amazing information platform, and transparency in their communication is awesome. I will definitely be working exclusively with this company and this agent. Best of luck and see you soon!

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