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I speak English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish.

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Sarah is a real estate agent rockstar. Her passion, dedication and hard work keeps her in the ranks of the most successful real estate agents in town. Her years of experience and empathetic nature make her the perfect agent to find you your dream home. Sarah has been living in a range of countries, speaking multiple languages. She knows how it feels to look for a new home and find a neighbourhood you connect with. She is great at finding perfect investment opportunities, always knowing what is happening in the current real estate market. Sarah is known within her company as a very focused, driven and successful agent. Working with her will be a treat!

Customer reviews

Sara Amash - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf simply provides excellent experience in the real estate and investing sphere. She is well knowledgeable on the market and its drivers, giving you the ultimate experience of the region. She is your top choice agent for purchasing real estate. Thanks Sarah!

Chloe Pordage Andrews - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf made buying real estate an enjoyable and effortless experience. Her knowledge, honesty, trustworthiness and quick responses are what makes her excellent in what she does. Highly recommend!!

Marija Kurtanjek - via Google

I had such a wonderful experience with Sarah Wessendorf as my agent. She put a lot of efforts in to find me an amazing apartment. After being disappointed by so many agents, I finally found her that I can trust and I felt comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and very helpful in every step. Can only recommend fäm Properties and Sarah. Thank you again.

Laura Dockute - via Google

I have had a great pleasure dealing with Sarah. Such knowledgeable and professional agent, and so helpful! She was always quick to respond and so nice. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for real estate agent.

Egor Lazinin - via Google

I would like to thank Sarah N from Fäm palm Jumeirah for helping me view some rental apartments in palm views west her knowledge and help were amazing and I truly recommend anyone who's looking to buy or rent on the Palm to call Sarah 😁

Ramzi Khoury - via Google

I had a great experience with FAM Properties, and Sarah A. Wessendorf was instrumental in helping me find my new house. She displayed exceptional professionalism and was incredibly helpful throughout the process

Mathieu OFTADEH - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf is the best Agent in Real Estate I have ever worked with. From now on she is my only choice.

Annika Klingbeil - via Google

Need a real estate whiz in Dubai? Meet Sarah Wessendorf — she's all about matching you with the perfect property that aligns with your goals. And I must say, she's got a sidekick you won't easily forget – an adorable little dog that adds an extra dash of joy to every property tour! Her professionalism? Top-tier. But what's even more impressive is the way she blends it with her fun and approachable personality. She knows the city like the back of her hand, from the swanky villas in Palm Jumeirah to the chic apartments in Downtown Dubai. She's got her finger on the pulse of the market and she'll help you navigate it like a pro.

P V - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf makes Real Estate easy and enjoyable! I will always choose her.

Raqueli Ringart - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf is a shark in the oceans of real estate. Focused, sharp, determined, successful. I am with her.

Tarik Nebi - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf has been incredibly helpful. Over her professionalism, I have appreciated her honesty and guidance on what is good for me and not for her paycheck

Zach Handley - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf is a pro, I highly recommend working with her for any real estate needs you may have. She’s a pro.

Dario Lehne - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf made buying real estate extremely easy. It was an immense pleasure working with her.

Andre Jacobs - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf is a real pro when it comes to real estate. Big up!!

Muhammad Raza - via Google

Sarah A. Wessendorf is a A+ agent. I am picky when it comes to who I am working with and she was worth every min!

Sebastian “sjfk” Kehr - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf is a real estate agent rock star. She is playing in a whole differnet league than anyone else. This is big time real estate.

Irina Panshi - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf was great! She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She helped us to sell our villa in springs, would definitely recommend her, if you need to sell or buy your property.

Daniel Sterenzon - via Google

Sarah Wessendorf was amazing in finding me a place to live great job

Kyle Goodall - via Google

I worked with Sarah Wessendorf after only being in dubai for a few weeks, worried at the prospect of purchasing a property for the first time abroad. She was patient, professional and educational allowing the whole process to be as straight forward as it possibly could. I highly recommend her!

Filip - via Google

If you want to buy or sell real estate - Sarah A. Wessendorf is your girl! She was my confidant all along the way and made me feel like buying property is the easiest thing in the world. Thanks Sarah for fighting for me like noone else.🙏

dede hb - via Google

I personally recommend Sarah as a Real estate agent , worked with her previously and she's such a professional ,she puts a lot efforts and pays attention to the smallest details in order to give you the best options in the given period of time .

Dimitri Krasikov - via Google

Honestly I loved working with Sarah A. Wessendorf. She is an amazing real estate agent. A friend suggested her to me and I soon understood why! She is a powerhouse!

Martin Leutnant - via Google

‘Working with Sarah A. Wessendorf was like a breath of fresh air. She made the process so easy. You can tell she is an experienced real estate agent who guides you through the forest of listings. Always recommend her!’

Rosa Tapper - via Google

This was really hassle free. Sarah A. Wessendorf is the go-to address when it comes to finding your new home, negotiating the best deal and taking care of you all along the way. She really cares about her clients, which makes all the difference and goes the extra mile.

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