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Hasan Yüksel

Ozlem is one of the best agents we have met in Dubai. She knows the area and laws very well, she was really helpful

Fatma Mortaş

Thank you ozlem


We had an experience with Ozlem before from fam properties. Excellent professional and strong business acumen in Real Estate Industry.

Ben Brown

We worked with Ozlem for our real estate needs. Trying to find a place in this volatile market is very daunting and scary. Ozlem put all of our fears to rest with her expertise and knowledge of the area. Highly recommend asking for Ozlem.

zeki selek

Me and my friends were dealing with Ozlem for some time, she is very professional and responsive

özge köse

We are very impressed with the high quality service, professionalism, and timely responses Ozlem has provided during our property research when we needed it most. She has gone above and beyond on her expertise and knowledge in her niche. Not only we recommend her to our friends, we are hoping to work with her in future endevours. Thank you!

Chandra Prakash Tiwari

very professional and responsive

Amal Sweidan

Ozlem who was managing my property for two years was great in addressing all issues faced from small to big. Great maintenance and reaction time. She also acted as a great mediator with between me and the owner. I highly recommend her. Thank you.


My wife and I rented a villa from Ozlem it was a very pleasant experience highly recommended

İʅყA TιʅA

I know Ozlem for many years she is very honest and she is my favorite agent in Dubai.

Emlak Burosu

Ozlem is very professional, punctual and honest agent. I would recommend her to Landlords and Sellers who have a property in Dubai.

Faizan Masood

Had rented a property through Ozlem. Very professional guided us through the entire prorcess. Highly recommended

Nevzat Seçer

Ozlem is very professional, punctual and honest agent. I would recommend her to Landlords and Sellers who have a property in Dubai.

Frank White

Ozlem is the best agent I have ever met. She is very honest, punctual and she gives the best advices all the time.

Reşat Yazgan

Ozlem is a very professional agent and she is the most honest agent I have ever met. I like dealing with her.

Jack K

Ozlem likes her job very much and she is really trustworthy and good agent. I like dealing with her.

elif dulger

Ozlen was highly professional and client focus and had a very good knowledge of sales process. Thank you

Gyorgy Ladics

I always find Ozlem responsive and very professional. Finding the right solutions and giving a good advice

Murtuza K A

I had a very positive experience while dealing with FAM Properties Ozlem Ucar who is very well versed with the Dubai property market and guided me very well with my property sale

Hassan Farooq

I bought a Villa through FAM recently and I must say I made the best decision of my life by choosing them to represent me to their seller. So no haggling, no hassle all the paper work was dealt by them with utmost professionalism. I would like to thank their entire team specially Ms.Ozlem for taking care of the transaction delegantly.

Cesar Cordova

I had an excellent experience with your agent Ozlem Ucar. We rented a villa in the Arabian Ranches, as my family and I are new to Dubai, she made sure we knew all the legalities when it came to renting a property and helped us all the way through the process. Highly recommended

Per Persson

I did a review earlier today, and was expecting to get some specific question regarding the agent I was interacting with, as I assume you have more than one. I was not trying, or even wanting to, make a review of the whole real estate company, as I have no clue on the performance of that entity. How ever as I now find out there is no link to the agent that I have dealing with, I have to make one. I have been dealing with Ozlem, and I have working with her exclusively, long before she was hired by Fam Properties. I think she has been my sole agent in Dubai, for more than ten years now. The reason of course is that I do greatly appreciate her, her attitude, and the work she does. I have lived in many properties, in ten different countries over my life and international career. Hence I have dealt with countless agents, and to be honest, most of them have been full of their own importance. One even refusing to show me a property, because the weather was bad, and she preferred to stay in the office. Needless to say she did not get any business from me. But on the other end of the spectrum is Ozlem, always ready to assist and help out even if it is not within her job description to do so. I hope you do your best as to reward her and keep her with your agency, it will be beneficial for your business.

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