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I am Muhammad Umar Farooq Khan,

I am a Property Advisor
I speak English, Hindi, Urdu.

Experience in Real Estate

u-hidden Years

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Sale, Rent
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"As a real estate agent, My primary focus is to help my clients buy or sell properties. With +15 years of experience in the Multi-sectors industry, i have developed a deep understanding of local real estate market and the trends that effect it. I am passionate about helping people achieving their real estate goals, whether its finding their dream home or getting the best price for their property. My commitment to providing exceptional customer service has earned me a reputation as trustworthy and reliable agent who always puts the needs of my client 1st. I'm also available to answer any questions or concerns they may have and i make sure to provide regular updates on the status of their transaction. I pride myself on my strong communication skills which allow me to keep my clients informed throughout every step of the buying or selling process. In addition to my expertise in the local market, i'm also well-versed in the latest technology & marketing strategies. I utilize a variety of tools & platforms to ensure that my clients' properties receive maximum exposure to potential buyers, including Social Media, online listings & Targeted advertising campaigns. Overall my goal as a ""REAL ESTATE AGENT"" is to provide my clients with a stress-free & enjoyable experience that meets all of their real estate needs. I'm dedicated to helping them achieve their goals & will go above and beyond to ensure their complete satisfaction."

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My properties