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I am a Property Advisor
I speak English, Urdu, Persian, Hindi.

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I strongly encourage you to reach out and engage in a conversation with me, allowing you to explore and appreciate the outstanding hospitality provided by fam. By establishing this connection, you will have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary level of service. Our team is dedicated to flawlessly managing your experience and goes above and beyond by tailoring it meticulously to meet your individual needs and preferences. This dedication to personalization creates an atmosphere that radiates warmth, inclusivity, and a genuine feeling of being welcomed.

Customer reviews

Charbel Saliba - via Google

A million and a huge thanks to MUHAMMAD BASIT UR REHMAN who was more than an agent ,he is a friend who supported me throughout the buying process with full clarity about the steps along the way and top notch professionallism . But mostly his Patience made our deal go smooth as a breeze. Thank you Again Muhammad and looking forward for another deal with you.

Valeria Gonzalez - via Google

We found Muhammad Basit Ur Rehman by pure luck after looking for houses for months, and I can say it's an agent that always makes you feel comfortable and honest, he really tried to find us the house we wanted and im so thankfull for this. He is a person I would contact for any future investments

Gaurav Dhanuka - via Google

Muhammad Basit Ur Rehman of Fäm Properties is an outstanding real estate agent. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication made my property search effortless. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a seamless and efficient real estate experience.

Hamza Jamshed - via Google

It was a great experience coordinating with Muhammad Basit ur Rehman! He got me a super deal. I am thankful to him.

wadeed siddiqui - via Google

Mr Muhammad Basit Ur Rehman from fam properties made my property buying experience hassle free. He is well informed about the properties and has shared all the details to help me make the best decision.

Qasim Hafeez - via Google

Thanks Muhammad Basit ur Rehman for the super home renting experience. I would definitly recommend him.

Muhammad Rehan - via Google

Met one of their agent named, Muhammad Basit. Though, I couldn't close the deal with him but I must say, I got inspired by his professionalism and definitely will do business with him in the near future. Highly recommend Fam properties and this guy for your real estate needs.

Yahya Bhai - via Google

It was a pleasure to see properties with you @muhammad basit ur rehman Thanks for your assistance

Lareb Khan - via Google

I had a fantastic experience working with Muhammad Basit. His dedication and expertise were evident as he went above and beyond to assist me in finding the perfect property within my budget. His knowledge of the local market and commitment to my needs made the entire purchasing process smooth and efficient. I'm extremely satisfied with his services and highly recommend them to anyone seeking to invest in Dubai's real estate market.

Rimsha Basit - via Google

One of the most honest realtors I’ve found in Dubai i.e. Muhammad Basit Rehman…

Ammar Shaikh - via Google

Muhammad Basit Ur rehman from fam is a competent ,professional & efficient in his work. He is polite and available . We were searching a house in JVC and by his efforts, we got a great deal.

RnY World - via Google

Had a pleasure dealing with Mr Muhammad Basit from Jumeirah Park branch Excellent service, complete knowledge and I must say fam properties have the best trained professionals.

Aisha Siddiqui - via Google

Muhammad Basit ur Rehman is an exceptional real estate agent who made by home buying experience a breeze. He demonstrated an impressive understanding of the market and promptly found properties that matched my needs. Highly recommended!

Yasir Rehman - via Google

Met one representative named, Muhammad Basit, and found him very professional who not only cares about closing his deal but also ensure that his clients gets the best as per their requirement. Highly rate this guy in terms of client service, one of the best agent in JVC area.

Angeline Boubee de gramont - via Google

Muhammad Basit ur Rehman is an exceptional real estate agent in Dubai. His professionalism and reliability made our apartment search a breeze. Muhammad's in-depth knowledge of the market and attentive approach ensured that he presented us with the perfect property options. He was prompt, responsive, and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. With his excellent negotiation skills, we secured a favorable deal. If you're looking for a highly professional real estate agent who delivers excellent service, I highly recommend Muhammad Basit ur Rehman.

Cedric Rizzi - via Google

I had an amazing experience working with Muhammad Basit ur Rehman as our real estate agent in Dubai. He was incredibly professional and helpful throughout our apartment search. Muhammad's knowledge of the market was impressive, and he provided us with a great selection of properties that matched our requirements perfectly. His responsiveness and attention to detail made the entire process seamless and stress-free. With his expertise, we found our dream apartment and couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a fantastic real estate agent who is professional and always willing to assist, look no further than Muhammad.

Richi Boi - via Google

I had the pleasure of working with Muhammad Basit ur Rehman during our apartment search in Dubai, and I cannot praise his professionalism enough. From the moment we met, Muhammad impressed us with his deep knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and his unwavering commitment to finding us the perfect apartment. I wholeheartedly recommend Muhammad to anyone in need of a reliable and professional real estate agent in Dubai. His expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction make him an invaluable asset in the industry.

Richard Delpech - via Google

Muhammad Basit ur Rehman is an outstanding real estate agent in Dubai. From the moment we started working with him, his professionalism and expertise were apparent. He took the time to understand our preferences and needs, and his curated selection of properties perfectly matched our requirements. Throughout the process, Muhammad's attention to detail and prompt communication made us feel confident and well-informed. We are grateful for his reliability and dedication, and we highly recommend Muhammad Basit ur Rehman for anyone in search of a top-notch real estate agent in Dubai.

sylvestor dcosta - via Google

Muhammed Basit REHMAN is one of the best property sales representative as he is very polite well dressed and presentable very prompt in service and more over on time .

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