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Customer reviews

Abdul Waheed - via Google

I had the pleasure of working with Kiran Khurana, and she has been one of the best consultants I got to work with in Dubai. Extremely responsive, helpful, and with a keen eye for detail.

rameez remy - via Google

Kiran is very knowledgeable, she knows each detail about the properties and explain very well. She is very informative. Always responds promptly with our inquiries. Thank you Kiran for making the experience a breeze for us. Highly recommended!!

Muhammad Danial - via Google

Kiran Khurana is one the best agents. She makes sure that customers are satisfied and all their needs and requirements are met. Also, She maintains a good relationship with her customers. She is always there to answer your queries and support you throughout the journey.

Why So Serious - via Google

I was dealing with Kiran Khurana, she is absolutely brilliant!!. She provided a very personal and hands on service, she was patience enough to provide a full information’s about my many inquiries. I would highly recommend the Fam properties and Kiran as real advisor!

shimil mohan - via Google

Kiran Khurana did a great job in the tenant enquiry and finalizing process. She was fast and professional, and has assured her continued support in the future as well.

fayaz khan - via Google

I dealt with Kiran Khurana from FAM Properties on a recommendation from my friend. She is professional, helpful, honest, very knowledgeable and transparent about the whole process and always available for advice and support. Highly recommended!

ghilman anjum - via Google

Kiran Khurana is ver professional and understands the needs of the customer. She searches the market and presents me only the potential investments that are very close to my requirements.

M. Waqas Khan - via Google

Kiran Khurana was very helpful during the time we were looking for a property to lease. She was patient to listen to our needs and understood our requirements first and thereby helped us to choose the perfect property within a short time. Will definitely recommend her highly for anyone seeking help with property renting/buying. Solid 5 star for Kiran Khurana!

danish zubair - via Google

Kiran Khurana helped me with an apartment search recently. She is very professional. I am very satisfied with her service. Thank you

Aisha Shabbir - via Google

I had a viewing with Miss Kiran Khurana and very special thanks to her. She highly contributes in exceeding her clients expectations. She listens to the clients requirements, very knowledgeable about the project, highly experienced and pays attention to every single detail. I had met many brokers but she is the one who gave me the feeling that I was dealing with a trusted Company. I would highly recommend her over and over again. Thank you fäm Properties.

Kartik Kumar - via Google

I had a viewing with Miss Kiran Khurana, she was not only highly professional but also very friendly and kind. She suggested me places as per my needs and it was very efficient. Will definitely recommend her highly for anyone seeking help with property renting/buying. Solid 5 star for Kiran Khurana, keep up the good work:)

Ali Raza - via Google

Based on my experience, it’s quite difficult to come across real estate agents in Dubai that really follow through inquiries and are responsive, despite a plethora of real estate companies here. I was looking for an apartment and my inquiry was attended by Kiran Khurana. She’s very responsive and immediately arranged for a viewing a day after I sent an inquiry about the apartment. She knows the property and the community around it very well. She is very professional and highly attentive to needs/requests and is an excellent and reliable property advisor. Highly recommend Fam Properties. Kudos Kiran Khurana!

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