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I speak Russian, English.

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With a degree in Economics from a prestigious Moscow university, I bring analytical skills and market insight to Dubai real estate. Living in this dynamic city since 2016, I've seamlessly transitioned from customer service to real estate, driven by a passion for assisting clients. My dedication to learning ensures I stay ahead in the ever-evolving Dubai market. Personally invested in real estate, I understand the nuances of investment decisions. Specializing in Dubai Hills Estate, let's turn your property goals into reality!

Customer reviews

Lerzilla - via Google

I had a great experience working with Anastasia Savitskaya to buy an apartment in Dubai while living in Russia. She really knows the Dubai market and explained everything clearly, making the process easy to understand. Anastasia was always quick to respond to my questions, even with the time difference, and provided lots of useful information about different properties, process and payment options. I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone looking to buy property in Dubai. Thanks, Anastasia, for your help!

Felis Parva - via Google

Many thanks to Anastasia Savitskaya for the consultation on purchasing an apartment from abroad. She explained everything clearly and made the whole process much easier for me. I really appreciated your fast answers and help.

Douon Basilisse - via Google

Thank you Anastasia Savitskaya 🥰🥰 you made the whole process smooth. Your timeliness and great customer care was outstanding. I will recommend 🥰

Ksenia Akhmetova - via Google

I would like to thank Anastasia Savitskaya for help in selling my flat. She always gave me great advice and replied quickly to all my requests and questions. She is very professional and pleasant to talk to. Highly recommend her!

Karina Uzlova - via Google

Anastasia Savitskaya is an exceptional real estate agent who goes above and beyond for her clients. I recently had the pleasure of working with her for a consultation, and I was impressed by her expertise and professionalism. Anastasia provided invaluable advice, guiding me through the intricacies of the market with clarity and patience. Her dedication to ensuring I made informed decisions was truly remarkable. I cannot thank her enough for her thorough consultation and expert guidance. If you're seeking a top-notch real estate agent who truly cares about her clients, look no further than Anastasia Savitskaya!

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