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I am an experienced sales man in Dubai Real Estate, I love Dubai and I specialise in Emaar Premium communities, both in Sales and Rentals, to offers my Clients the best experience possible and full commitment on the job. I also love to suggest investors the best opportunities both in secondary and off-plan market to make them knowledgeable about the scenarios based on their will and expectations. And i only help clients to get what I love to have for my self and that's to build credibility and trust.

Customer reviews

Amr Hassan (3Mo0or) - via Google

I had the pleasure of working with Amr Khalil from fäm Agency, and I can't praise his service enough. Amr was not only helpful and kind but also incredibly trustworthy and supportive throughout the rental process. His expertise and guidance were top-notch, and he made the entire experience stress-free. Amr was always available to address my questions and concerns, going the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. Thank you, Amr Khalil, for your professionalism and kindness.

Deema Alhamdani - via Google

I'm delighted to share my positive experience with our real estate agent, Amr. He demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a keen understanding of our needs, which led us to find the perfect apartment. Their dedication, knowledge, and attention to detail truly made the process smooth and enjoyable. We're grateful for their efforts in helping us secure our new home.

Joshua Rodrigues - via Google

I must say, Mr. Amr Khalil is one of the most professional real-estate agents I have come across in UAE. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, especially with UAE's rules and regulations... Secondly, FAM Properties managed the overall documentation as well very professionally. I highly recommend Mr. Amr to get you what 'you' 'need' when is comes to real-estate.

Ganya XU - via Google

This is a genuine thank you letter for FAM’s Mr.Amr Khalil, Ritika Dhirmalani, and Sharon David. Yesterday I received my title deed. I joked with Amr that I would use AI to write the review so that it will be perfect. Here I am, typing every single word with the human warmth of the pounding heart. I was connected with Amr by way of a very dear friend, and I was blessed to trust Amr from the very beginning. I’m Chinese and this is my first property in my life in a new country and I had no clue about anything. He first asked me the purpose for purchasing the property and provided me with the most suitable options. He listens and cares about me as a human being. He guided me through the whole process and to be honest I just put my brains on the table and follow Amr and things will be alright. I trust his judgment and the result he brings always exceeds my expectation. So many times I panicked due to some unexpected situations, and he reassured me very patiently and never got tired of explaining things to me. I feel very secure with his devotion and I feel like a kitten in a very loving palm. He not only does the minimum required for his role, but he takes care of the deal and all and any related problems I have. He always goes to great lengths to ensure that not only I, but also the seller, get the best experience and make our lives easier. Whatever and wherever Amr touches, it blossoms. Personally speaking, I had one English agent for my rental apartment and reached out to another Chinese agent for property purchasing. The English one seldom responds or helps, I feel he respected the landlord more and I feel he got the commission only because his agency has hands on the apartment I wanted to rent. Regarding the Chinese one, they helped my relative get multiple properties and I trusted them. However, after I reached out at least 4 times to them, they didn’t come back with any options for me. Maybe they have their preferences in clients. None of my bad experience with other agents matters now, because I am lucky to have met Amr and got my first apartment with tremendous help from him. I will 100% recommend Amr to anyone who knows English/Arabic and wants a property in Dubai. I myself will for sure go to him when I want another property. Even if another agent might have whatever magic in their pocket, I will always choose Amr, he’s the kind of guy who is professional, competent, and a fully human. I wish Amr all the best at work and life, and ofc I will keep in touch! Lastly I would like to extend my sincere thanks to FAM and the management team who is super wise and hired Amr and provided the platform for Amr to contribute and shine.

Xu Etoile - via Google

I am writing this message to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Amr Khalil, Ritika Dhirmalani, and Sharon David from your esteemed agency throughout my real estate journey. From the moment I got in touch with the team, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism, and it has been a truly remarkable experience. First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to my dedicated agent who went above and beyond to help me find my dream home. Amr's extensive knowledge of the local market, attention to detail, and tireless efforts in understanding my needs truly made the difference. They patiently guided me through the entire process, ensuring that every step was smooth and stress-free. Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge the remarkable support of your entire staff. Ritika and Sharon were prompt and efficient in handling paperwork and coordinating appointments, always available to address my queries and concerns. The professionalism, expertise, and friendliness exhibited by every member of your team have truly impressed me. Thanks to your agency's unwavering commitment to excellence, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful home that perfectly fits my needs and preferences. I sincerely appreciate the time, effort, and expertise invested by your agency in making this dream a reality. Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to the entire team at FAM. I will undoubtedly recommend your services to anyone in need of top-notch real estate assistance. Thank you for making this journey memorable and for helping me find my perfect home. With sincere appreciation,

ahmed mohamed - via Google

Mr. Amr khalil is an amazing agent gave me the help i needed and will be my reference for my future real-estate related maters

Hady Mahmoud - via Google

Thanks Fam for the wonderful support through Amr Khalil, he was really "exceptionally" anticipating my needs with amazing follow up techniques 😊 I will highly recommend you guys to anyone, since you have such strong calibers and know how to help us get a better understanding of the market 🙏

Sebastian - via Google

Thanks to Fam Properties and especially Amr Khalil for the great service, guidance and helping me to find a nice apartment. Everything went flawlessly and I highly recommend Fam properties to people looking to find rentals or buy/sell apartments.

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