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I am Aleksandra Magdalena Ziemnicka,

I am a Property Advisor
I speak Polish, English.

Experience in Real Estate

u-hidden Years

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Sale, Rent
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Customer reviews

Matt Szekrenyessy - via Google

Excellent agent with the highest level of attention to detail. Aleksandra’s knowledge of how rental agreements should look ensured the signing of a fair contract. Quick to follow up and doesn’t shy away from bringing to attention if anything does not match UAE standards and laws. Thanks to her we managed to safely get the place we wanted. 100% recommend!

Emilia Grześkowiak - via Google

I chose Aleksandra because of her professionalism and conscientiousness. She’s taking care of the client for 100%. Aleksandra is very thorough with her job thanks to which we could trust her and feel safe with all the work. We managed to find our dream flat. The process was quick and efficient. I highly recommend having her as a real estate agent. :)

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