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  Dubai Yearly Sales Transactions Value 2013 - 2015

Data source: Dubai Land Department
Data source: Dubai Land Department

  Dubai Land Department Transactions Value - Yearly Quarters

Data source: Dubai Land Department

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Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Dubai, fäm offers a range of property services catered to meet all your real estate needs. We are the UAE’s leading real estate company dealing in apartments, villas, townhouses, plots and commercial properties.

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Better Values | fam properties

Better Values

We are zealously focused on honesty as our primary value and have built our reputation on integrity. This is why majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat buyers.

Better Tech | fam properties

Better Tech

Focused on gaining real-time market insights through our own, proprietary, Oracle-based technology infrastructure that is several steps ahead of the market.

Better Results | fam properties

Better Results

Our team of experienced agents is equipped to provide unparalleled deals and superior guidance based on integrity and solid market fundamentals.